Fall Harvest Winery is a subsidiary of the Maine Elderberry Farm. All our fruits used in the wines are grown on the farm. Our goal at The Maine Elderberry Farm is to produce the highest quality product possible. We adhere to the principles of organic farming. Organically grown foods are very important because of how the quality and purity of the food we eat impacts the health care needs of the people of this country. There is no better way to decrease our health care costs than to improve our overall health through proper diet and exercise. A proper diet includes, among other things, eating foods free of contaminates and high in ingredients like anthocyanins. Anthocyanins are types of antioxidants which give the red to dark purple color found in fruits like elderberries and aronia berries. We will do our best to encourage changes that will really make a difference in peoples lives.

Elderberry Farm

I first started making wine 7 years ago. It is a slow process to learn because it takes a year or more before you know if you have a good product or not. The process I use has evolved over the years and I am still learning new things to make the wine better.

I started with a simple elderberry wine then worked on combining different fruits to create different flavors of wine. I now use pears, peaches, cherries and apples in my wines.

I have been making Elderberry Wine in small quantities just for friends and family. The feedback has been very good and I have been encouraged to expand the wine making and become a full-fledged winery.

The Wine page will have all the current wines and the locations where you may purchase the wines.

2017 - We are now crafting Elderberry Wine at our farm. See the Wine page for locations to purchase the wine.

We are very excited about this venture. I have enjoyed the farming experience and now we are looking forward to bringing that experience full circle with the winery. Crafting wine means there will not be any berries for sale anymore and I want to thank all of you that have supported us in the past. Elderberries are an important medicinal crop and the bushes are easy to grow. I would encourage any of you who want the berries to make the syrup to plant a couple of bushes. There are a lot of nurseries that sell elderberries bushes.

Thank you and I hope you will be interested in the wines.

The last four years I have been building an octagon barn for the wines and elderberries and the equipment. I thought I would post some pictures of the project in the articles section of the web site.

I want to thank all of you who supported our farm this past year and I hope you have enjoyed the wines. I continue to be surprised and very pleased with the interest in and the demand for the wines.

Feel free to send me your e-mail address if you would like more information about our wines.